Mission: To provide communities with programs that inspire positive youth development.

Shots Fired


SHOTS FIRED is our new program focusing on youth gun violence in America.

Our goal is to educate today’s youth on how to deal with negative influences that can often lead to life-altering, disastrous consequences. Another purpose of the program is showing how to channel anger, frustration and other negative emotions into self-expression through art and creativity. Throughout the program we will portray a conflict and resolution scenario that includes skits acted out through dance, spoken word and drums.


If you are interested in inquiring about booking the Kabuki Dancers to perform our Shots Fired program. Fill out the form below.


    You guys came to Lawtell Elementery School...and it was so motivating and inspiring.

    Anonymous Student


    They came to my school and encouraged kids to come up and talk about their bullying experiences. I was on of them. It was very emotional and 50 % of the audience was crying because of the kids that went up there and how sad it was.

    Bria C. Student


    My people, making great things happen for Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Teacher friends, friends with kids, camp leaders... if you get the opportunity to catch one of these highly uplifting and funkadelic performances, it will change your life.

    Claire D. Program Director


    In addition to the Shots Fired program, we have many more programs and performance options. We have performed at many schools and libraries spreading these positive messages.