Mission: To mentor and inspire the youth using the elements of Hip-Hop culture.

September 2022

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Let's get to work! 🕐🚨🕐🚨🕐🚨 With the new school year upon us and October just around the corner, it's almost time to hit the road with the newly revised version of our classic anti-bullying program, "Drop The B.E.A.T. (Bullying Ends After Talking)". I'm confident this version will have the same impact as the last, and while I am performing alone this season, I've taken great care to ensure the quality and messaging KABUKI has come to be known for remains intact. I've always spoken about about my personal

We are now booking shows for our Black History Program THE BREAKDOWN! About The Program This program focuses on the history of Hip-Hop and the important figures that pioneered the culture. It also includes a discussion on the elements of Hip-Hop (and their respective pioneers), demonstrations, a dance workshop which the audience can participate in, and a dance performance by us at the end. We also speak on drums as they relate to black history and also as an influential element to the creation of Hip-Hop music. Book The BREAKDOWN