Mission: To provide communities with programs that inspire positive youth development.

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Drop the B.E.A.T. Bullying Ends After Talking

Drop the B.E.A.T is the central program for Kabuki Dancers. This program focuses on the many forms of bullying that affects youth and discusses cause-effect, self-confidence and communication preventative strategies.

Breakin' It Down

In this program we discuss the many different types of dance styles derived and influenced by Hip-Hop culture. This includes: Breakin, Popping, Locking, Waving, and others.


Learn more about our new holiday program that teaches audiences the importance of kindness, gratitude and generosity.


We offer training educational dance workshops for those who want to have fun and learn more about the art of dance.

The Breakdown: A Lesson on Hip-Hop History

In honor of Black History Month, we have put together a program that focuses on the history of Hip-Hop and the important figures that pioneered the culture.

in or Out (Never Give Up)

In or Out (Never Give Up) works with you to discuss and demonstrate how to accomplish goals and be successful through music and dance.

Performances (Other)

In addition to the programs we offer, we also perform for events, conferences, festivals & more!

Shots Fired

Shots fired is our anti-gun violence program that focuses on educating youth on positive ways to channel anger, frustration and other negative emotions into self-expression through art and creativity.